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Again, having received many letters, but the specifics of creating embroideries from the portraits, as well as those seen in the hundreds of orders we have decided to put on the site of his reflections on this topic.  

The main rule

The transformation of photos depicting the human face in the embroidery is more complex than a simple transformation of the image.


Why is this happening

For example, we change the contents of the color field "simple" image.

and an image with a photo of man

  As you can see the quality of the image is not changed - only changed the perception of stylistic images.  

Now change the number of colors in the embroidery

Size 400 x 268 / / Colors - 50 / / Full color table
Manufacturer - DMC / / Method - 1 / / Diffusion - 30


As you can see if the first image "in general, nothing," that the portrait has bright spots on the cheek and a clear transition region background colors that make it "controversial" even though that is used quite a lot of colors.

The answer to the fundamental question "why" is that a person's face is very similar colors (more colors area). Create a set of strings for all the brightness of a color is not very profitable occupation, and some manufacturers have done if this set is for a certain brightness level and this level did not disclose, and apply this knowledge only in their sets.

Simply put, if you change the brightness and saturation of the image of a human face then it will turn out well, but the artist has to know on what the maps and how to change, and this is the most important question.

We will not give here the spectral analysis of the card, as it will have "jungle" and give examples of images taken at several maps of flowers.

  Can be summed up, consisting of two decisions:
A simple solution to create a portrait of the embroidery is the selection of the color map (thread), which is best suited for your image.
Often helps to change the brightness, contrast and saturation of the original image, resulting in a "snapping" of the original image colors to the colors of the card used.

In conclusion, we would like to express their attitude to the on-pixel (the cross) image processing in the selection of color or change color in the fields. These capabilities provide virtually all of the programs to create patterns of embroidery and it has a right to exist, but there are a few "but":





You pick the color to "discretion" or on the computer, either already in the store when buying thread. If you have an impeccable sense of color and then of course you need to do. Everyone who reads this will say "I have a good sense of color," and will be absolutely right. And he will be able to make a "good" but not "flawless."
You pick the color of your choice, but you'll show your creation to others, and whether your perception is the same as the others.
You are doing this work on the computer. If you believe that you have vidio system is set up at least good and the color that you see on your monitor will be the same thread and it is wonderful. But often the color of "float" and can "swim" of the colors, as, for example, incorrectly configured channel B. The result - any color will be exactly the same, but some will be different, with all the ensuing consequences.
This enormous project and how the practice of very doubtful if the result does not a professional designer.
We do not in any way is not to say that a good scheme of embroidery is not possible - we want to say that the creation of a good embroidery is an art is the same as creating a picture, and sometimes more difficult because you have to create a masterpiece with faceted capabilities (limited number of colors threads and crosses the canvas number, etc.) and it does not work for 5 minutes and do it by the way, perhaps it is simply impossible.

Because of this and because of the greater complexity of embroidery and valued many times more than the picture painted - just compare the prices of oil paintings and embroidery of the same size.

Good luck.






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