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The main question that arises among you, is how much the image of embroidery made on our service and you will see on your monitor will be close embroidery, you will receive after the embroidery.

To answer this question, we give here a picture of one of the work (embroidery man's face as the most difficult), you start to embroider one of the ladies that were included in the test group, ie the one who tried one of the first service.

Unfortunately, we learned that the lady has already started embroidering after the start and help improve the embroidery could not, that is, what you see is the result of a quick schemes are not prepared by the ladies, and without our help.


With the help of the images of the process of embroidery work, created on-line service, we pursue the main and only purpose - to show how much the service is strongly made the image corresponds to the finished embroidered stitch work.

  Until the color of embroidery thread should be checked with the colors in the description - color though rare and not much, but differ in color due to the fact that the "walk" from the producers of threads.
The scheme of embroidery   SN  20120326 - 030311 - 82

DMC // 203 x 162 // Full cross // 14 white canvas



unchanged increased 4-fold

Photos of the process of embroidery made
not a professional photographer.

The lady began to sew the most important - in the face.

Rate this person only after a full face embroidery.

The work is not finished yet, but the key is already there ... not super sure, but for the very first time, without preparation or explanation, without any help from normal.

Now, in the middle of the road when we have already helped to improve the outcome of the lady saw a difference, but the work is already underway, and according to her, "and so I really like."

  Life goes on, and a new photo ...
  And finally completion of.

This is the first embroidery work done on a scheme of service is not prepared by the lady for a few minutes.

This work was altered is not a large area of purple color on the girl's forehead, which was visible on the image to stitch embroidery, but was not taken into account because of "high general level of quality."

We are grateful for the handy people believing in us and for sending us the photos of her embroider.









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