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    High quality images

The online service allows you to create an embroidery of the highest quality with smooth transitions of color and brightness, comparable to the quality of the original image, and sometimes superior to him.

The online service allows you to achieve maximum preservation of the original image without distortion as a consequence of a manual redraw parts or areas and that often converts the Photo into a drawing.

Alex Fashion level of quality is not achieved in all other programs in the development of even super professional designers. This can be seen on the most difficult embroidery and their quantity - on a color portrait.

    Sharpen images

Created mathematical tool allows you to create clear images on the embroideries - is not capable of doing any one program to create pattens. This allows smaller embroidery, which among other things reduces the price of a baguette, which is comparable to the cost of materials for embroidery.

    Lower cost of pattens

Online service allows to create independently schemes of an embroidery from the image significantly cheaper (many times - hundreds of times), than the schemes of comparable level ordered from designers.

    Smaller cost of materials

It is possible to create images on embroideries of the highest quality at significantly smaller quantity of threads, without creating the remains which will long lie before a reuse.

Using only 20 threads it is possible to embroider a picture with 30, 60, 90, 120 and a large amount of colors, receiving an image of almost photographic quality on an embroidery.

This reduction of quantity of threads plus to the fact that less strings and the size of an outline due to smaller necessary quantity of crosses are necessary for the clearness of an image

    Less work for embroidery

Smaller labor input due to smaller necessary quantity of crosses and quantity of the threads necessary for the clearness of an image and smooth transitions on an embroidery.

    Availability of creating pattens for all.

Online service allows to create schemes without installation of any programs on the computer and their studying – to be registered on the website enough and to watch the video.

All additions and improvements are connected to service without demanding from the user of any actions.

The interface of online service is most simplified, thus that service does many things which don't do all other programs and services for creation of schemes of an embroidery – for example, often necessary complex processing of the initial image, creation of schemes of an embroidery with various parameters, including color of symbols and a background and so forth.


Identity of the image in the pattern to a real embroidery


If on the first page of the scheme there is a mark of conformity of "Full compliance" what will be shown on the image of an embroidery in the scheme almost identically to what will turn out after embroidery.

Difference from an embroidery in the scheme and a real embroidery can be in a consequence of quality of threads and/or mistakes at embroidery.


If there is no such sign and the scheme is made to 2016.04.16 that is big sense to change the scheme, having looked at a real type of an embroidery, and at the expense of it it is very possibly essential to improve result.

    Most simplified embroidery

In the schemes Alex Fashion created on online service:


- No bek stitch;
- No French knots;
- No quarter crosses;
- No ….

- Only full cross or half-cross.

    Embroidery patterns on Alex Fashion is a new reality that is already proven in many embroideries for his schemes.








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To download images

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