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With the large number of companies producing kits for embroidery, with a large number of sets of these firms, with an even larger number of embroidery patterns at specialized sites and forums on their own whether to create a scheme of his images?

This solves one for himself, but there are a few "buts":

If you saw the nonprofit you set for embroidery, but the embroidery for you, or very large, small, or vice versa, and you have a story embroidered with a different number of crosses.


If the embroidery for your home is big, and you would have embroidered it on a smaller canvas, or you want to keep your vision on the contrary, and embroidered on the larger.

If the number of colors for you very much, and you would prefer not 80 colors, such as 20, at the same time changing the perception of stylistic embroidery. Or a little color in the embroidery, but you could easily embroidered with large, such as 80 or even 120 colors and embroidery was not distinguishable on the perception of the original.

If you want to do embroidery with your photo or image that you have found, for example, the Internet, but ordered the establishment of these schemes with embroidery embroidery designer for you is expensive. Moreover, what to see versions with different numbers of flowers and crosses at a different number and color of the canvas, and so further increase this cost and time.

If you like a set made, for example, by DMC and for you it is pricey, but you would be happy embroidered this thread embroidery cheaper, but a stitch in these firms do not.


If a scheme specifically for you, or does it bring the designer, as a rule, is not ideal, since it, and your perception is not the same. In general yes, but the nuances there. If you have already ordered the work of a designer, remember, if it will work with the embroidery of such a scheme, which is equal to the original image and the emotions you are expecting.

If you were able to catch on camera a beautiful moment, such as sunset, autumn forest, white mountains, funny cat, relatives or friends and would like to capture that moment, not just photos, but something more. Such moments in the life of an infinite number, and perhaps you would embroidery was much more expensive if it was not just beautiful but also would be associated with you or with a moment of your life.

You can not choose from the set of subjects, which is available on the websites, stores, etc. and who is not related to you - you can create a story, meaningful to you. Our life in the emotions and feelings in contrast to the infinite variety of the best store or website.

There are many more reasons for each needlewoman they own, and to list them all is impossible.

As we consider another advantage of independent creation schemes is that you do not just embroider - in this case you become an artist - you're doing it all:

You choose the image;

You adjust the image by changing the brightness, contrast and saturation, enriching it;
You choose the colors, the number of crosses and embroidery detail, select a manufacturer of thread, determining that the cost of embroidery;
You specify the type of embroidery, choosing the number and color of the canvas, the number of additions yarn, embroider a cross or not;
You are at the final stage, if it is an embroidered picture, choose the color and appearance, and a baguette to complete the passport or if it is embroidered on clothing or linen, than choose to embroider, doing laundry is in fact unique.

This embroidery is entirely your sole - from "A" to "Z". If you can make it and you're interested - you do it. You do not work on an assembly line, performing one or more transactions - you do everything. What is in this case, you are different from the artist. And this is not the word, designed to interest you in our ability - indeed it is. And it will remain so, regardless of whether you use it or not our abilities.







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