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As a result of the creation of embroidery patterns, we concluded that the creation of embroidery is reduced to the following two options for working depth of the image.

· Either a complete image processing up to the stylistic changes. The main work in this case is in raster editor with good math, such as Photoshop by Adobe at least version 7. Lapping up the specific thread color charts shall be held either in the same editors, or in specialized programs such as PCStitch.

Diagrams and descriptions of embroideries are created in specialized programs. Although some large firms producing embroidery kits, charts and descriptions of embroideries are specially created software.

The cost of such work, based on information received by more than a dozen companies producing kits for embroidery, estimated according to the country where the designer or design team, and their popularity from 1 to 10 tsentovUSD a cross (pixel). That is, Embroidery color layout dimensions of 150 X 150 (pixel) cost to the customer schema embroidery from 225 to 2250 $ US. (пиксел).

· Alternatively, a simplified version - finishing color of embroidery by changing the layout of several colors after reducing the original image size (number of crosses - pixels) and the count. colors based on the color map used threads (DMC, Archor, Madeira, etc.) in programs like PCStitch

. The cost of such work, usually about ten times smaller and depends on the suitability for completion of the original image and the program that is reducing the number of colors and size of the source images in options of embroidery.

There are, of course, smaller cost, but in such cases or schemes are made from case to case and it is not the main income of the designer, or the value of consistent quality, with all its consequences. Is it worth saving in the scheme as embroidery, then to spending money on yarn, canvas, etc., as well as many days of work on the embroidery itself and in the end, saving 20 ... 30% of the total, to obtain the corresponding result is a very controversial embroidery ? But embroidery is created for a few years, and possibly for decades, and which does not lie somewhere in the closet, and will hang in a prominent place and which will see the time?


You try to do embroidery as well. You are, if possible, will use the highest quality threads. We have tried to do a better ability to convert any image into embroidery, and accordingly in its scheme. And whether or not to use free, but hard to read diagrams for embroidery, paying for this "free" to their vision.


In the first and second case is crucial quality of mathematics at compression color field and the size of the image. If the quality of mathematics is not high, the subsequent replacement of several colors does not change the overall picture. The same problem exists if the picture is changing stylistically.

If the embroiderer, being a computer user, due to lack of experience in specialized software ownership and knowledge of the designer-artist, as a rule, can not do the job of changing the image of style and his deep processing, the processed image to finishing it, and can and usually does, for example, when you need to replace the description given in the number of threads, but not available, a suitable color.

A few important conclusions that were made in the process consist in the fact that the outcome of future work programs and embroidery can only be assessed:


embroidery on the image and not the color layout, which is printed on the covers of some of the sets of firms, as well as sometimes there are kits on the cover of which displays the image seems to be embroidered, but the number of colors in 25 .. 50% more than the actual embroidery;

is the real image of embroidery, but not its approximate form, the more embroidery is not possible to adequately perceive if her image printed grid lines, or the image quality is not compressed in size;

embroidery in the image whose size is close to its real size.


To view an image of embroidery on a computer monitor is desirable not to use programs designed for typical images, since such programs give a distorted image of embroidery, and to receive such an image is "Fitted" to view it on your computer (monitor).

Distortion seen when scaling, such as Internet Explorer or IExplore some programs for viewing images like regular programs Windows, or the popular program ACDSee, which is either blurred image of embroidery, or a bad RIP smoothing when zooming.


bad RIP

Sometimes, believe that any image can be transformed into a good embroidery and this is true. But sometimes it is necessary not only to compress the original image by the number of colors and pixels, but also adjust the brightness, saturation and contrast of the image. Just some of the pictures, you can create even more good if you change the style of embroidery, or if the original image is first subjected to deep processing, for example, replace the background, etc.






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