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  On the service:
- the large side of the embroidery is increased to 900 crosses
added size 2700 pixels for creating (and viewing) embroidery image
On the page of the large view of the embroidery image, two keys (icons) have been added for auto-scaling the embroidery image under the browser window.

  On the service added:
- in step 2 - the new Method (2) to reduce the number of colors
- in step 2 - two new methods of Diffusion (2 and 3)
    These additions allow you to make embroidery of significantly higher quality.
in step 5 - the parameter "Thread reserve"

On service there was available more exact (by 10 times) control of image sharpness.

At the order creation of the scheme with application of the maximum scheme of a bekstich.
The article "Embroidery as Road to Intelligence" is added to the section "Embroidery".

The improvement of technology of compression of the color field allowing to do works with the increased restrictions on quantity of crosses, threads and flowers at the order.

Attaching an AF thread map to the service
For: -
increase the quality of embroidery
reduce the cost of materials and tools
the choice of composition and cost of recruitment
create an embroidery scheme for each user's desires

made by:

completion and addition on the site and on-line service
the technology and equipment to complete the kit for each work on the AF card, minimizing the cost of the embroidery kit and increasing the comfort of embroidery
Now you can:
on-line service to make a scheme of embroidery from your image with a quality that is not achievable even for professional embroidery designers, which is proved most importantly - hundreds of works on the schemes of on-line AF service that received reviews "Excellent", "Great", "Such can not be ", etc.

do the work, including the embroidery scheme in step 5 of the online service, at a minimum cost

make an embroidery scheme on the most accurately digitized AF thread chart connected to on-line service, which will give an even greater increase in the quality of embroidery compared to cards (DMC and DMC-2) already connected on the on-line service
when creating work on the AF card, get a kit with the right cost, with the right mix of materials and tools needed for embroidery, including very convenient stickers for organizers that are only available in AF kits
and -
setting its mark-up to expose its work for public sale, which the buyer at will will receive either as a scheme (on maps of DMC and DMC-2), or as a set (on the AF card) with everything necessary for embroidery
buy or publicly exhibited work (to change work - for example, to change the scheme in step 5 of the online service), or already a set for embroidery on a public exhibition work
An article is written how to find high-quality source images for creating embroidery.

  A more accurate set restrictions mixing thread.

The second step of the service by setting restrictions on the use of mixed threads range is not made of 5 options, and of the nearly 100 (in the range of 5 ... 80) to fine tune the blending threads. Particularly strong results on this parameter influences at a value in the range of 5 ... 20.

This restriction is sometimes improves and significantly, sometimes worsens outcome, and therefore the result should be viewed large on the 3rd step of the service.

  Symbol of precise image of embroidery.
quality stamp

All descriptions of the scheme made more precise Images embroidery, are now marked with a sign on the front page (bottom left). If this mark is not, there are a lot of sense to make a copy of the work and to see how it will look Of Embroidery (ie essentially real embroidery), taking into account more accurately Of embroideries and may improve the outcome.


Creating a copy of the work with all the options in one click.


When you create a copy of the work (of the same image), it is not necessary again to upload the original image, manually set the same options as in the previous work, etc. Now it can be done with a single click on the icon above the image (center) work on the page.

Image of embroidery using mixed threads

The image of embroidery is what you should get after embroidery - is an full imitation of the real type embroidery.

The image of embroidery created with the account of all that affects the embroidery - the number of crosses, threads and colors (if you are using mixed threads), size and color of the canvas, cross / half-cross, the number of additions and more.

The image displayed on the embroidery 3 service step and the last page of description of pattern.

Now when using the mixed threads in addition to the cross embroidery Of those colors appear as they are in reality, with the addition of different colors in the cross placed in random order, making embroidery Of even more realistic. Prior to this, when you create a color additions Of embroidery had an average color obtained by mixing the colors of the two additions.

Now what is shown on the Iso embroidery should be almost completely identical to the one that will be embroidered in reality.

Prior to this feature with less restrictions on service 3 step what to show on Every embroidery could vary, sometimes quite substantially, from the actual embroidery.

Due to this feature, the value of the service has increased significantly.

  Scheme embroidery PDF
  1. In the scheme of embroidery added all the parameters established embroidery.
  2. The list of threads on each line added kollichestvoo skeins. Number of skeins is indicated not by integers, to make it clear exactly how much you need a specific thread - 1.1, ie, one skein and a little bit, or 2.9, ie almost 3 skeins.

  Maps thread

The service is added refined map DMC (named DMC-2), which has, in contrast to the old, already used on the service card DMC:

  1. more accurate digitization of all colors - an average of 4.6.% on a range from 0% to 11%, for some colors quite significantly;
  2. especially more accurate digitization at medium brightness levels that old card resulted in embroidery was obtained that not much darker out embroidery;
  3. more accurate digitizing thread blue and light blue colors.

Since the new map DMC-2 until rebuffed a large number of works and why it is not confirmed by the result, for the convenience of users of the service left both cards - the old DMC and the new DMC-2.

Looking at the quality of work rebuffed embroidered on our schemes using the old card in the world is not even comparable results in a sufficient amount (as in local programs and Internet services, as well as from designers with a large value of one work) - new map are supposed to increase quality even more.

ncreased the number of restrictions melange with 3 to 5, which will more accurately define the number of mixed colors in embroidery .

By accelerating the code became possible to increase the range at which threads are selected for blending , almost an order of magnitude ( ~ 10 times ), which gives you the opportunity to do embroidery even closer to the original image (in some cases several times ) .

Example - sample left on the map to DMC improvements - right on the map sample DMC -2 after improvements - both samples 40 colors .

Due to the increased range is made possible to obtain schemes in which you can specify number of mixed yarn from a minimum (eg, 5 mixed colors of 50 ) to all (50 mixed colors of 50 ) .
If mixed thread ( melange ) at the second step you can see the number of service mixed colors - previously it could only be seen on the fifth step in the established scheme.
  Scheme embroidery PDF

In the scheme of embroidery number of sheets with a list of thread colors and the maximum reduced - now the list of threads and melange list of colors arranged on one sheet - with a large number of threads and colors (more than 100) on two sheets.


In the scheme of embroidery added a table size of embroidery in centimeters and inches, depending on the number of rooms on five canvas canvas.





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